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3W-740xi B4 TS HFE FI (2)** piston ported
3W-740xi B4 TS HFE FI (4)*** piston ported (upon request)

New version with enlarged transfer ports and modified timing. Piston ported.
3W-740xi B4 TS HFE FI


Cylinder Capacity740.0 ccm/45.16 cu in
Power62.17 HP/45.72 KW
Torque60.64 Nm/7200 RPM
Bore Diameter2.6 inch (66 mm)
Stroke2.17 inch (54 mm)
Speed Range1200–7500 RPM
Weight37.26 lbs (16.9 kg), incl. ignition
Crankshaft4 ball bearing
1 double angular ball bearing
Oil/Gasoline Ratio1:50/2% mix
Operating voltage

6–8.4 V
13–28 V DC
Tested Heavy FuelJET A-I, JP-5, JP-8
Mix ration: 2 % Aspen Oil
0,1 % Diesel Valve Cleaner
Engine tested with 2-stroke gasoline /oil mix and tuned pipes.
*Only for gas engines. ** 2 fuel injections  *** 4 fuel injections
CAD drawings and measurement upon request.

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