3W-International remains unaffected by 3W-Modellmotoren’s filing for bankruptcy

The executive management of 3W-Modellmotoren GmbH, which acted as production service provider for 3W-International GmbH, filed for bankruptcy during the past week. For this reason, Karsten Schudt, managing director of 3W-International GmbH, is making a statement that the leading engine supplier for UASs is covered concerning this development.

“Both companies were independent of one another. Nonetheless, the decision of 3W-Modellmotoren’s executive management didn’t catch us entirely unprepared”, reports Karsten Schudt. During the past months, Schudt and his employees became aware that some of 3W-Modellmotoren’s executive management had their eyes on other corporate goals and were no longer interested in regular deliveries to 3W-International. No solution could be reached even after copious discussions so that 3W-International saw itself compelled to establish new production options. In this context, Sky Power GmbH was founded in early 2018 as performance partner and as its own production service provider.

“We were informed about the bankruptcy filing by 3W-Modellmotoren’s executive management. We maintained silence about the filing, but this week we received the first calls from our customers about the extent to which this bankruptcy impacts us. That’s why we saw ourselves compelled to make a public statement about this development”, Schudt continues. Since the two companies are independent of one another, this development doesn’t affect 3W-International. The expansion of Sky Power GmbH will continue as will further development of engines and auxiliary systems.

An in-house production building, into which two new test stands are also being integrated, has been rented for this purpose in the greater Frankfurt area. Production is being established and implemented under the guidelines of ISO 9001. “We’ve also conducted talks with our long-standing suppliers and have been able to retain them all for the long term.

The extent to which 3W-International will be able to support 3W-Modellmotoren’s customers with spare parts and maintenance is unclear at the moment. “We’ve first got to wait for the bankruptcy filing. Furthermore, we have a different engine portfolio than 3W-Modellmotoren because our engines aren’t orientated towards hobby use. We can ultimately only guarantee spare parts, service, and consulting if the engines were demonstrably delivered by 3W-International. That’s why we can only urgently advise against purchasing 3W-International engines from third parties not belonging to 3W-International Sales”, explains Schudt. 3W-International Sales participants can be requested from 3W-International.

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3W-International at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018

If you’re looking to harness the power of unmanned technology, AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018 is the spot. An intersection of cutting-edge innovation and real-world applications, XPONENTIAL is the one event that brings all things unmanned into sharp focus.

Join more than 8,500 industry leaders and forward-thinking users from both the defense and commercial sectors to learn the latest on policy, business use cases and technology applications – and grab your share of this billion dollar industry.

30.04. – 03.05.2018

USA, Denver, Colorado Convention Center, Booth 2210

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3W-International GmbH is expanding sales in North America

To further expand market presence in North America, 3W-International is expanding its own direct sales structure in this important target market. With Constantin Diehl, a representative has been acquired who will actively represent the German engine manufacturer in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

“We look forward to having Constantin Diehl, an excellent connoisseur of the North American UAS scene, on board”, remarks Karsten Schudt, managing director of 3W-International GmbH. Diehl has been president of Clusters UAS Colorado since 2013, and is thus engaged in various areas of unmanned air travel. He was previously active in sales for German automotive suppliers in the USA and Germany. “Many of our customer projects require strong sales-orientated project management, which Constantin brings with him via his professional experience”, according to Schudt.

This is especially important for the German engine manufacturer, because the company places value on great customer orientation and customer loyalty. “3W-International is the last remaining German 2-stroke combustion-engine manufacturer in the UAS industry. All of the others are meanwhile in Chinese hands. That means Made in Germany quality is exactly what our customers demand from us. But we can only do this if we communicate closely with the customer and know what current and future requirements he imposes on our products”, continues Schudt.

Diehl will support both sales project management and marketing for North America. “I look forward to collaborate with 3W-International. The company has a good reputation, and is known for its engine quality and innovation”, according to Diehl. Beginning in April, Diehl will support customers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico from Denver as a direct contact person.

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Sky Power GmbH, new performance partner of 3W-International

3W-International GmbH authorised Sky Power GmbH for further development and performance enhancement of 3W engines. Along this line, the first new additional products and new performance engines will be presented even before Xponential 2018 in Denver.


“We look forward to the results because we can provide our customers with a broad range of performance engines”, explains Karsten Schudt, managing partner at 3W-International GmbH. In addition to the standard engines from 3W-International, propulsion units to be individually optimized in matters of consumption and performance were being repeatedly requested from the customers’ side. “Sky Power’s function is similar to a contract tuner for a car manufacturer. Customer adaptations, new developments, and performance enhancement of 3W products are the goal of that partnership.”, according to Schudt.


As the first step, Sky Power GmbH implemented an improvement in the ignition and injection systems, which are destined to be used in all 3W engines. “The initial tests are promising and show that we can expect massive fuel savings. We’ve already introduced the systems at individual conferences with positive feedback. The first engines will be presented to professional visitors at the Xponential in Denver.


3W-International will present the latest developments at booth no. 2210.

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